Story Map

Evolution of a Psychotherapist Nurse Herbalist – Laura


Grew up with herbs, gardening, and alternative medicine

Maintained interest and use

Made healing products for family members and myself as a teen

Went to college became a Master’s level psychotherapist working with mentally and physically ill patients

Earned a Doctorate in Nursing because of the population I served – complementary/alternative medicine was included in doctoral curriculum



Saw a need for non-pharmacological interventions in both medical and psychiatric clients

Wanted health alternatives without harmful chemicals

What could I do to improve the health of my family, clients, friends and myself?

When I became ill, I needed to heal, used herbs, aromatherapy, and alternative medicine along with allopathic


While the training in my doctoral program was helpful, I needed more training that would lead to certification –

While working on PhD at Fielding – entered into a 3 year program for western, Ayurvedic, and traditional chinese herbal medicine. Graduated in 2012.


Grew organic herbs, fruits, berries, vegetables to make products

Produced handmade soaps, culinary herbal blends, herbal and aromatherapy products for mind, body and spiritual health

Opened a shop in 2012 – herbal products, consultation, and classes so other people can improve their health with quality products free of harmful ingredients.DSCN3019


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